character generation rules

Character Generation

Sample Character Concepts

  • Blessed: Preist, pastor, nun, chosen slayer
  • Bounty Hunter: Gun for hire
  • Common Folk: The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker
  • Deserter: Ran away from the military
  • Drifter: Never stays in one place long
  • Escorts: Saloon “Soiled Dove”. Male escorts also exist.
  • Explorer: Many things left to be discovered in the West
  • Grifter: Snake Oil Salesman
  • Huckster: Secretive sorcerer, commonly thought to be devil worshippers
  • Immigrant: Chinese, European, Mexican, Aftrican, etc.
  • Indian Brave: Tribal Hunter
  • Indian Shaman: Spiritual Leaders, Indian version of Blessed
  • Law Dog: Marshall, Sherif, Texas Rangers, etc.
  • Mad Scientist: They create Ghost Rock powered Infernal Devices.
  • Muckrakers: aka Journalists
  • Outlaw: You’re wanted for some crime
  • Prospector: Gold, Silver, Coal, and Ghost Rock miners
  • Soldier: Confederate or Union soldier

Pre-Generated Sample Characters for possibilities and inspiration.

Time and Place

In order to start the campaign off properly, your character needs a reason to be on a Denver Pacific train heading to California over the Sierra Nevadas . Your character does not have to know the rest of the possee, that is for the group to decide.

The game will start on December 1879. Women can have any profession. Slavery has been abolished. The US Civil war ended in a stalemate and ceasefire in 1878. The Great Rail Wars are currently raging.

Character Generation Rules

If you have access to the Savage Worlds rules or the Deadlands: Reloaded players guide, you can use the character generation sequence contained in those books. The Test Drive Rules has quite a bit of information to get you started. A summary follows for those who do not have access to the rules.

The Flood: Player’s Guide contains some California-specific background, setting and rules. You should at least take a gander at Tombstone Epitaph section.

  1. Pick your Ethnicity (Everyone is Human, thus gaining a free Edge)
  2. All Attributes start at d4. Distribute 5 points between them. raising an attribute’s die type costs 1 point. Max. d12
    1. You have 15 points to buy your skills. Raising a skill costs 1 point as long as the skill is no higher than its linked attribute. 2 points if it is higher. Max is d12
  3. All characters speak English unless the Outsider Hindrance is taken. Other languages known are separate Knowledge skills
  4. Secondary Stats
    1. Charisma = +0
    2. Pace = 6"
    3. Parry = 2 + 1/2 Fighting die
    4. Toughness = 2 + 1/2 Vigor die
    5. Grit = 1
  5. (optional) Pick Hindrances (Max 1 Major (2 pts) and 2 Minor Hindrances (1pt ea)). Buy benefits with Hindrance points.
    1. 2 points: Raise attribute die or choose an edge
    2. 1 point: Gain skill point or gain additional 250$
  6. Buy gear with 250$ starting money
  7. Fill in your character’s backgrpund (a phrase or two will do to start)
  8. Write down the character’s worst nightmare.

character generation rules

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