Bullfrog Dunham

A dreamer, schemer and jack of all trades


Bullfrog’s not what you’d call handsome: he’s short, fat, in his early 40’s and looks older. He has a round face, a bulbous nose, and some wisps of red hair escaping from a battered bowler hat. Sit a spell though and he will talk your ear off with tall tales from his native Kentuck.

Attributes Ag d6 Sm d8 Sp d6 Str d4 Vig d6

Skills Knowledge(the Maze) d6; Knowledge(Chinese) d6; Gambling d4; Persuasion d8; Healing d8; Notice d4; Shooting d4; Streetwise d6.

Edges Lucky; Beneath Notice; Tale Teller;

Hindrances Enemy (Major); Obese (Minor); Poverty (Minor)


Bullfrog done a bit of everything in his life: split rails, droving, ran a general store, he even practiced a bit of medecine without a licence during the war. Lately, he got a hankerin’ to make his mark out west in Cali, and set off. He spent about six months in the Maze, before he screwed over a business associate and left for Shan Fan waiting for the heat to die down. Well, troubles come in pairs, when, while in Shan Fan, he engaged in one horse trade too many (this time involving an actual horse), and found himself sold into indentured servitude.

He’s been cooling his heels for three months in Shan Fan, looking for an opportunity to turn things to his advantage… Looks like his luck is about to turn…

Bullfrog Dunham

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